‘Dear interested applicants, thank you for your interest in The Cyprus Institute. We are currently in the process of transitioning to Exelsys Recruitment platform and therefore as of the 1st of July 2021, please follow this link to apply for a position in our organization. If you are interested in a position that is posted on JobBoard and did not expire yet, you can still apply on JobBoard. For any further information/clarifications needed regarding the transition, you can contact hr.staffingsupport@cyi.ac.cy’.

For openings and applications please follow the link below: Exelsys


As an innovative world-class science and technology research institution, we continuously strive to attract the highest quality staff at every level. Our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds and this contributes greatly to our creative and innovative environment.

Our Recruitment Principles

The Recruitment process for new members at all levels and categories of staff reflects the values of the Institute. It has to be consistent with the following principles:

  • Openness Each recruitment process is open to the public and announced in such a way that all suitable candidates can apply for each opening
  • Fairness The process has to ensure that every potential candidate has been given the same consideration, and that the choices made by the Institute are based solely on a candidate’s fitness for the position. The same selection criteria will apply to all candidates irrespective of age, nationality, race, religion or gender.
  • Merit The Institute is committed to hiring candidates that best meet the position requirements with potential for development based on objective criteria and will not compromise this commitment for any reason.
  • Consistency The procedures used for the evaluation of all candidates should be the same, and consistent with the expectations formulated for the level of the position to be filled.
  • Thoroughness The evaluation process should ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken to provide sufficient information for a fully informed decision.
  • Transparency The process should be fully documented and open to public scrutiny if required. It is understood that confidentiality concerning applicant and candidate data is protected to the maximum degree allowed by the relevant legislations and regulations.


CyI Recruitment and Hiring Policy and Procedure

If you are interested in joining our team, unless specified differently on a Job Announcement’s application guidelines, just Apply to an Open Vacancy by clicking “Apply to this Job” found at the end of each relevant job announcement’s description. All received applications will be acknowledged instantly through the JobBoard. If you have any queries please contact the HR Department at HR@cyi.ac.cy / tel. +357 22208700


Director of Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC) of the Cyprus Institute (CaSToRC_DIR_17_02)

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